Clubs and Extra-Curricular 23-24

Term 1 : Cooking Club

Mrs Rose and Mrs Miller made cakes, coleslaw, fruit kebabs, hummus and sausage rolls with eager bakers from years 3-6.

Term 1 : Construction Club

In construction club we have been making towers and seeing who can build the biggest tower, designing and building different Lego houses and building new sets following instructions.

Term 1 : Sewing Club

During Sewing Club the children have been making a bear they have had lots of fun designing, threading needles, cutting fabric and creating their projects with Miss Friend.

Term 1: French Club

In French Club we have been having great fun learning lots using songs and Rhymes to help. We have learnt to say Hello and Goodbye, our name and counting 1-10.

Term 1: Art Club

We have been having fun in Art Club with Miss Berry, making masks and creating Autumnal collages using a range of different materials.

Term 2: Circuits

We have had great fun learning about and making circuits with Miss Kiffin & Miss Turner

Term 2: Cooking Club

We have been designing and decorating Christmas themed biscuits with Mrs Rose and Mrs Miller.

Term 3: Modelling Club

This week we started our Paper Mache projects, we will be making Hot air balloons, masks and getting very Messy!

Term 4: Multi Sports Club

We have been having fun seeing how many times we can hit a balloon in the air with a small bat, practicing our tennis skills and playing Parachute games.

Term 4: Choir

Our choir is doing well and learning a range of songs ready to perform at our concert in March. Each week we start with some breathing exercises and a vocal warm up, we then rehearse the songs and finish with a vocal cool down. We make sure to keep hydrated throughout the session and try not to stretch our voices too far. The voices together sound fantastic and we can’t wait to perform to an audience!

Term 4: Coding & Animation

Following a few weeks focussed on programming the Micro-Bits, this week we began to create our own stop-frame animations. The club started by creating their own creatures before taking a series of photos that, put together carefully, made a short film. They were brilliant! We are looking forward to having a go and perfecting these next half term.

Term 4: Hockey

After a few weeks practising how to pass and stop the ball we were ready to move onto a new challenge, dribbling and shooting. We started by creating snakes to dribble through before shooting into the goal. This led to some team competition to see who could get the most points. A lot of fun was had by all. We are looking forward to playing our first hockey game next week.

Term 5: Netball

Our Key Stage 2 children have been learning new Netball skills, different positions and learning the rules. They have been playing small games each week with a lovely parent volunteer teaching the class each week who plays the game as a hobby.

Term 5: Photography

This is a small selection of photography club photos, all taken by children in Year 1 or 2. Each week they have been given a theme to base their pictures around, such as words, colour, black and white, nature, people etc.

They’ve all done a really great job!

Term 5: Maypole Dancing

As is Tradition here at Warton School we have been practicing ready to take part in the annual village Carnival on June 8th. The children have been busy learning to do The Plait, Spiders Web and Barbers pole with Mrs Parker.

Term 5: Cooking Club

Today Reception children made grilled pepper humus with veggie sticks.

We discussed how this would make a healthy snack or lunch. Not everyone was keen to sample the end product. But we explored smell, texture and taste as well as observing change in appearance from whole foods to blended foods. The humus was made by blending tinned chick peas with grilled peppers, paprika, lemon juice and salt and pepper into a smooth paste.

Term 5: Messy Science

Revd Joanne Dyer from All souls Parish, our local church has been running a Messy Science club with a biblical twist for KS2 children. The children each week have been doing science experiments, making Volcano’s, Star Constellations and learning about Gravity. Each experiment has been linked to the bible and our school values.