Our School Uniform

All pupils at Warton are valued as part of our community and we want children to feel a sense of pride in their uniform and a sense of identity with the school. Wearing a uniform also allows every child to be equal and not to be singled out by their choices of clothing or shoes. The wording below stipulates what constitutes our school uniform and what every child is expected to wear routinely to school unless there is an agreed non-uniform or themed day/event. Although the colours stated are important, there is no expectation that all tops must have the school logo on them- you can buy non-branded items instead e.g. from Tesco or Asda. Please click here to read our School Uniform Policy.

We have some second hand uniform available from the school office and our community often run second hand uniform sales or swaps- please keep an eye on the newsletter or ask the office for more information.

Please ensure that all clothing and shoes are named!

Our school uniform is-

  • White polo shirt
  • Royal blue cardigan or jumper
  • Grey trousers, shorts or skirt
  • Blue checked summer dress
  • Black shoes

On PE days children will come into school wearing their PE kits-

  • Black joggers, leggings or shorts
  • White round neck t-shirt
  • Black zip up jacket
  • Trainers

School uniform bearing our logo can be purchased from The Crazy Aunt Collective- a company based in the village- via their website https://crazyaunt.co.uk/warton-nethersoles.