Personal Development

At Warton, we plan for each class to have one curriculum linked trip to a new place each year. These are planned ahead and help to spread the cost of a visit for our families as well as ensure the visit is carefully planned for to inform or consolidate learning for children. This year the visits include, The National Space Centre, The West Midlands Safari Park and Ash End House and Farm.

In addition to our curriculum focussed visit, we prioritise trips and visits that widen the experiences of our children with a focus on diversity and difference. These include collaborative trips with schools in different contexts (E.g. forest school with St Michael’s Handsworth), our annual visit for the Derby Faith Trail including a visit to a Mosque, Hindu temple and Gurdwara or our link with The National Arboretum, who we collaborate with multiple times per year through visits, visitors and exhibition projects.

This year, we will be holding our first careers fair, which our year 5 and year 6 pupils are very excited about. We have 15 visitors coming in to school from a range of backgrounds, with varying jobs and different education and apprenticeship routes for children to explore. The day consists of 3 different inputs:

  1. Pathways through education after primary school
  2. Money, income and finance
  3. University and options after school

The children will then form small groups and meet with each of our visitors to ask them questions and investigate their jobs, their education route and the positives (and potential negatives!) of each job role. We are excited to have a wide range of jobs from journalism to CAD designer, NHS nutritionist to sports coach and a police detective inspector to spa manager… something for everyone we hope!

As a school, we are 3 years into our 7 year commitment to support multiple children attend the Kimilili school in Kenya. Our children in Year 5 write to their buddy in Kenya and find out about their lives and we have regular updates and visitors with information about our Kenyan friends. We spend a lot of time thinking about the many similarities between our lives and those of the children in Kenya, as well as of course some of the differences. The children fundraise multiple times per year and have so far completed sponsored walks, sponsored sings, coin trails and dress down days to help the cause.

This year, we have additionally fundraised for St Giles Hospice – a charity that has touched the lives of many staff and school families in recent years. The children have designed and painted our own elephant for the St Giles Sculpture Trail which begins in our local area in July 2024 and we have fundraised in school with raffles and competitions. Additionally, last year the school staff completed the 10k night walk and raised over £1200 for this charity with our family, friends and school community all sponsoring our team of 12.

In addition to our fundraising- often led by our students, our children have a wide range of responsibilities and leadership roles across the school. This includes our school council, librarians, Worship Leaders, PE leaders, IT Leaders, presenting in collective worship and in church, playtime leaders and our buddy role! As part of the buddy role, Year 6 pair up with a child in reception and support them through their first year at school including on the playground, in collective worship, for whole school events such as World Book Day and in lessons such as with their reading and values work. The relationships between the pairs blossom quickly and have been recognised as a real strength by staff, children and parents.

Each half term we offer 6 different after school clubs – a real achievement for our small school. These clubs are varied and led by school staff to enrich our children and their experiences. Clubs are for all children, but sometimes we invite particular children we think will especially enjoy it or succeed in it or where it will expand their wider experiences. We track which children take part in our clubs to ensure that everyone who wants to be involved can be! So far our this year our clubs have included coding, French, drama, hockey, netball, cooking, sewing and many more! Click here to see our clubs page with more information about what we have done so far!

We are an active school and love to show our skills and talents in competitions and fixtures with each other, other local schools and wider! While we have some very talented sports people, we ensure that everybody gets to represent our school in a range of different sports and events. All of our events are tracked to ensure fairness and we make sure we especially invite and encourage children to take part who have not been able to before.

This year we have taken a team to the Tamworth swimming gala, where 9 children made it through the heats to the final! In the finals, we had 2 first places, a second place and two team second places- 8 medals overall.

We have also taken part in gymnastics, football, netball, athletics and cross country competitions this year and will soon take half of our KS2 children to the Tamworth Athletics competition in July. We are proud of the sportsmanship our children display win, draw or lose at each of these events!

This year we have had bespoke support and training from Therese Hoyle and in March 24, were awarded the ‘Positive Playtime Award’. This recognised the changes and hard work from staff and children in ensuring active, safe and engaging playtimes and lunchtimes. As part of our work, we have implemented new games and ‘crazes’ which rotate weekly for children and done some training with children and playtime leaders on playground games. We have also, with the help of school council, remodelled our playground rules and ensured that all lunch staff are empowered to put rewards and consequences in place – there are lots of playground based certificates in Friday’s celebration assembly. We have also installed table top Lego stations on both playgrounds – which the children love! As a result, children have less conflicts, are more in control of their playtime choices and we have seen a decrease in playtime bumps and bruises too!

We are proud of the variety of opportunities we provide for our children at Warton. In addition to all of the above, we are focussed on supporting individuals with a range of opportunities.

Our ‘Book Challenge’ is a real success and many of our children work really hard to engage with and share at home the 50 different books allocated to each age range – ticking off each one as they go. Each week, we celebrate those children who have achieved their next milestone on their way to the 50 books being completed!

We also have wider homework activities for children to complete. This year, we have done a ‘Book in a Box’ competition with children sharing a favourite book and presenting it in a gallery for all parents and staff to see.

Along with 4 other local schools, we have invested in gifted and talented event days – 6 across the year provided by specialists for our children who are particularly passionate or knowledgeable in a specific area. So far this year these have been in maths, writing, music, art and history and each one has been a real success!

Our oracy project has also helped to nurture talent, particularly in performing! We hold termly ‘Poetry and Pastry’ mornings for parents to see the classes perform as well as performances in church and at Christmas and in the summer play. Our oracy project also has two specific projects for children to present in school and to their classmates.

Finally, we offer peripatetic piano lessons in school but also seek to invite individual children to benefit from these, where perhaps they wouldn’t be able to otherwise. We hold annual choir and musical concerts (as well as our whole class recorder concerts for years 2, 3 and 4) where children really get to shine!

The Warton 20

At Warton Nethersole’s we want all of our children to participate in a wide range of experiences and so we pledge that during their time in our school every child will experience ‘The Warton 20’. You can find out more about this by viewing the document above.