Values Day – Community

On the first day of each term we celebrate, learn about and reflect on one of our Christian values. In term 6- a term of transition- our Values day was focused on our value of Community. Each class had a different theme linked to this term’s value and within it expressed themselves through art, drama, discussion and debate. We are delighted with their insight, generosity and maturity as we learnt together. Click here to see more about the theme and skills progression for each class.

‘Live in harmony with one another; be sympathetic, love as brothers, be compassionate and humble.’ 1 Peter 3:8

The Christian value of community is one of our school values because both in school and in the village, we are one community where everyone is needed and valued and each person is important.

We want our children to feel part of a community and to know that they can make a positive contribution to our school.

We aim to foster the value of community throughout the whole school and build on the understanding of what community means in each year group. 

This term our children learnt about community on values day including people who help us, people who we can help in our community, our British community and British Values as well as our personal communities.

One of the families in our school community created the decorations above for our reflection area- they look wonderful in the trees!

Our values tree includes hand prints from everyone in our community- children and staff. When a new pupil joins us, their handprint goes up ensuring that everyone feels welcome here at Warton!