Values Day – Forgiveness – November 2021

On the first day of each term we celebrate, learn about and reflect on one of our Christian values. This term, our Values day was about the value of Forgiveness.

The Christian value of Forgiveness is a really important value to us at school as we know that everyone makes mistakes sometimes. The bible says that God is abounding in love and forgives our sins. At Warton, our learners are taught and practice identifying times where we need to say sorry and how to forgive others who are not showing us love and respect.

In school we use the Restorative Justice approach as outlined in our behaviour policy. We aim to foster the value of forgiveness throughout the whole school and build on the understanding of what this value means in each year group. 

Click here to see our skills progression for values day on Forgiveness.

Each term, all of our classes write a prayer for the value they are learning about and reflecting upon. We then merge each class’s prayer into one that the whole school learn and say within collective worship each week. This term’s prayer is: