Values Day – Respect- Tuesday 20th April 2021

On the first day of each term we celebrate, learn about and reflect on one of our Christian values. This term, our Values day was focused on our value of Respect. Each class had a different theme linked to this term’s value and within it expressed themselves through art, drama, discussion and debate. We are delighted with their insight, generosity and maturity as we learnt together. Click here to see more about the theme and skills progression for each class.

‘Encourage One Another and build each other up’ 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Across the school we learnt about respecting our friends, our environment, ourselves and God. Each class created their own display sharing their thoughts and ideas about what respect looks like to them.

Outside of school, we showed respect to our reflection and prayer area by relaying the slabs and bark, planting new bulbs and flowers and doing lots of weeding! A member of our Christian Ethos committee bought us a new bench for this area, which we are now really proud of!