Curriculum Overviews

We are really proud of offering a broad curriculum with lots of wider curricular and extra curricular activities here at Warton Nethersole’s Primary School. Our curriculum is very closely linked to our vision “Be Courageous. Be Strong. Do Everything with Love.” This vision, alongside our school values, are at the centre of our curriculum design. As a school with a fluctuating cohort and large differences in numbers within each year group, our curriculum overview links to our class structure with an emphasis on skills progression. This approach ensures high expectations and outcomes that challenge and develop every child’s personal skillset. The curriculum for each year group can change every year depending on the cohort sizes and structure.

For each class, we have an overview to outline the key topics, themes and outcomes linked to each subject area. The overviews are on a two year cycle to ensure that where pupils stay in a mixed age class, they are covering different themes while all pupils retain access to the appropriate curriculum.

Curriculum Overviews 2023-24