We have designed our own Geography curriculum, which is based on the National Curriculum, to guide progression in knowledge and skills over time so that when our children leave us in Year 6, they are ready for the next step in their education at secondary school. At the moment, we have mixed age classes and a curriculum which changes annually to adapt to the changing groupings of the classes and ensure that no gaps are left.

Our priority with our Geography curriculum is to ensure that children are aware of the world. We have a school and a village which lacks diversity in many senses of the word and so we see our curriculum- especially in Geography- as a window to lives that are different to ours.

At Warton, our children begin to learn about their locality; carefully exploring human and physical geographical features through fieldwork based in our school, our church and our village. Children then build upon their knowledge by comparing their life in this locality to other parts of the United Kingdom and the rest of the world. As children grow and move through school, they will build upon their knowledge and deepen their understanding. Geography teaching motivates children to find out about the human and physical world and enables them to recognise the importance of care and responsibility for the quality of the natural and human environment in a changing world.

The intention of the geography curriculum is to inspire children’s curiosity and interest to explore the world that we live in and its people, which aims to ignite a love of learning. We intend to equip children with geographical skills to develop their knowledge through studying places, people and natural and human environments. Through our teaching, we intend to provoke thought, questions and to encourage children to discover answers to their own questions through exploration and research to enable them to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the world and their place in it.